VCollab partnership offers collaborative workflows for Romax users through 3D Digital CAE Reports

The Romax product suite now connects with the VCollab Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) reporting system to capture multi-physics product engineering analyses in 3D Digital Reports, helping transmission and powertrain engineering teams collaborate efficiently with any team member, supplier or customer through a web browser.

Electrification is driving the need for increased use of simulation earlier in the transmission design lifecycle, bringing together all the physics areas that can improve power density. The Romax product suite combines more than 30 years of experience in electromechanical simulation in an integrated MBSE (model-based systems engineering) workflow so engineering teams can design, simulate and deliver energy efficient power transmission systems for eMobility, renewable energy and aerospace. But since bringing a new transmission to market always requires the use of several simulation tools, an ability to integrate these different applications together, and in particular to share and present results from the various tools, is essential.

The Romax ecosystem is the result of more than 100 partnerships with high quality software tools that help customers break down barriers and achieve better results, faster. One recent addition is VCollab, a partnership which will help Romax users to share actionable simulation insights with business and technical stakeholders across the enterprise to aid in the review and understanding of CAE results while simultaneously improving the productivity of their analysts. It does this by automating the processing and reporting of analysis results through 3D Digital CAE Reports.

VCollab can now process key NVH results directly from the Romax product suite, presenting information in its 3D Digital Reports so that the results can be easily shared with team members that don’t have access to a given tool. The interactive reports can be shared in a portable html-based format that any supplier or customer can open and review, reducing bottlenecks and helping more collaborative and engaging product development workflows from concept to sourcing and engineering project delivery.

Interact with our embedded report below:

Chris Baker, Head of System Dynamics, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division commented: “As development timescales are compressed and efficient cross-functional engineering and supply chain collaboration becomes critical, we are always looking for ways to improve our customers’ processes and maximise their return on their Romax investments. VCollab provides one such solution. It can be deployed quickly and easily, and can be used as a unifying post-processor to present multiple physics, calculated with multiple tools, in one report. Democratising this information with VCollab’s 3D digital reports can help transform traditional 2D collaborative workflows to bring better and more innovative products to market faster.”

Prasad Mandava, CEO, VCollab commented: “VCollab is excited to announce our new support of the Romax product suite. By combining the power of Romax with many other solvers, VCollab’s unique 3D digital CAE reporting is helping companies to streamline the way they process and share simulation results with product design stakeholders.”

This collaboration is the first step for VCollab with Romax products, with further functionality planned in the near future. To find out more about using VCollab and Romax, contact your Romax representative.