Designing e-Machines for Efficiency, Cooling and NVH Through Simulation


Presented by: Vedanadam Acharya, Operations Manager, POWERSYS; Alexis Talbot, Acoustic Business Development Manager - Americas, Free Field Technologies; Ramy Kila, Application Engineer, Romax Technology 

A typical design process usually takes 3-4 software packages to benchmark and optimize for different categorical performances. A balanced system optimization can often require numerous iterations through different software packages and different design pedigree. Therefore, the cost of exploring the system “what ifs” is a hefty sum of engineering hours that are often spent in exporting and importing models between software packages.

In this presentation Romax engineer Ramy Kila in collaboration with Alexis Talbot from Actran and Vedanadam Acharya from Powersys solutions discuss a typical example workflow from Jmag electromagnetic analysis to Romax system analysis to Actran vibro-acoustical analysis.

What attendees will learn:

  • Romax’s capability of different customer engineering workflows between different software packages for different engineering analysis personas
  • Romax’s developed user interfaces targeted to optimize import/export from/to Romax’ system/sub-system model to other software packages for a holistic analysis and a balanced system optimization.
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