Enhanced transmission design benchmarking using Concept and other Romax products


Presented by: Simon White, Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology

Benchmarking of existing designs is common practice and is used to provide information about ‘best in class’ solutions, identify opportunities for product improvement and also establish cost and performance targets. In emerging markets, where clean sheet design and development is still a limited activity, benchmarking and reverse engineering is common practice. Benchmarking can provide a wealth of “data, information and knowledge” about a design. What is harder to obtain is the “wisdom” to fully understand the design intent and crucial finer details. Without this wisdom, successful implementation or improvement of these features within a new product can be extremely challenging.

In this presentation, you will learn how using CAE within a benchmarking activity…

  • Can be used to provide “wisdom”, giving insight into the performance and the design intent.
  • Provides a much deeper understanding than can be obtained from testing and inspection alone.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of issues when developing similar solutions.
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