Keeping the Wheels Turning: Advanced Bearing Design With Romax Spin


Presented by: Kurt Sheridan, Bearing Technical Specialist, Romax Technology

“Bearing engineering” can mean different things to different people. Over the years, in addition to providing industry leading bearing simulation software, Romax have helped their customers with many bearing engineering projects, from designing bearing internal geometry to tailoring an existing bearing for a particular application, in order to achieve and maintain optimal performance.

This presentation discusses a few real-world examples that Romax was involved in, either as the engineers doing the design work or as the technical expert advising the customer, delivering high standards by leveraging Romax software. It demonstrates some of the functions available in Romax Spin and how these were used in practice, in a range of applications. The examples lean toward the more complex end of bearing engineering, and show how Romax tools offer capabilities and insight far beyond simply selecting capacities from a catalogue.

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