Panel Discussion – Driveline Simulation


Presented by: Mario Felice, Ford; Tim May, Caterpillar; Matt Malanga, Dana; Rick Naffin, Boeing Rotorcraft; Bruce Hansen, Sikorsky

During this panel discussion you will hear from some leaders from Caterpillar, Dana, Ford, Boeing & Sikorsky. They will answer the following questions and discuss their individual answers:


  • How has gearbox, driveline, and bearing simulation evolved over the past 5 -10 years?
  • Do you see the move to electrification as a long-term permanent change?
  • What types of powertrain simulations have been the most successful in your organization – in terms of value to the product development process?
  • How would you rate your organization and your engineering executive’s trust in simulation results for making design decisions before physical tests have been done?

And many more!

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