Targeted Structural Optimisation for Gearbox Housings


Presented by: Barry James, Head of Research and Innovation & Ramy Kila Application Engineer, Romax Technology Ltd


This presentation describes a case study that applies the principles of structural optimisation of a transmission housing in a completely new way. Instead of optimising for maximum stiffness/weight, the optimisation was set up so that the resulting misalignment of the gears would be minimised across the load range. The results were enormously successful, achieving both reduction in gear misalignment and weight reduction. Effectively, the process changes from restraining to compensating for the deflection of the internal components. This work was carried out by Romax in collaboration with GRM Consulting Ltd as part of the EDISON project funded by Innovate-UK.
What you will learn:
  • How to leverage your housing flexibility data imported into Romax to feedback into a targeted housing topology optimization.
  • How to use Romax to understand the breakdown of internal component’s contribution to your housing deflections during a system performance through gear mesh misalignment contribution
  • How to use a targeted engineering process/ analysis to design your housing topology instead of relying solely on engineering experience.
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