Advanced Planetary Gear Sideband Analysis using Simulation Software

Advanced Planetary Gear Sideband Analysis using Simulation Software

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00

Presented by: Dr Michael Platten, Senior Product Manager

Since this webinar was recorded, the Romax product offering has evolved. The features and benefits described here as part of RomaxDESIGNER are now available within Romax Spectrum.

This webinar is the third in our NVH in driveline systems campaign series covering:

• Overview of gear whine theory and how to solve and prevent problems
• Gear whine case studies: In-depth examples of driveline NVH
• Gear whine and sidebands in planetary gears
• NVH in electro-mechanical powertrains

Our latest release now offers ‘Advanced Planetary Sideband Dynamics’. This new capability helps investigate gear whine ‘sideband noise’ problems in planetary transmissions, whilst considering the effects of component rotation and physical deviations on the system vibration response using a unique frequency domain solution.

This webinar will show how our customised capability can accurately analyse gear whine in planetary gear systems.

Key features

• Frequency domain analysis – for fast run times
• Accounts for component rotation
• Transmission error accounts for any unequal load sharing and physical deviations
• Results can be pre-computed or calculated within the results explorer window
• Multiple instances can be open for easy comparison of results
• Results can be saved for later viewing or exported

Our software enables the investigation of planetary gear sidebands in a simulation environment for a full system model. This can significantly reduce costs for prototyping, reduce development time and lead to better designs, supporting Right First Time™ design.

Watch this webinar and find out more about our advanced simulation software in planetary gear systems.

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