Applications and use cases: concept design tools for rapid concept and layout generation

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00

Presented by: Kristian Kouumdjieff, Product Manager

CONCEPT can be used for many tasks in the concept design phase: from fast model creation and modification, through system analysis, component selection and sizing to gear macro geometry optimisation, just to name a few.

CONCEPT is used across a number of industrial applications including automotive, wind, aerospace, bearings, rail, off highway and marine. Join this session to see brief examples across a range of these industries. In addition, we will show examples from some of our customer case studies which highlight the benefits of CONCEPT in practice.

Some of the use cases that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Model complex drivetrain layouts in minutes and instantly assess packaging, system kinematics, loads and more
  • Analyse your model for durability, efficiency, NVH, cost, weight as you are gradually adding more detail
  • Build vehicle models to evaluate full system efficiency overdrive cycles and optimise gear ratios
  • Select, size and rate components in the context of a full system early in the design process
  • Perform gear ratio optimisation
  • Integrate CONCEPT into the design process and utilise other Romax products in common work flows

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