Automating and Integrating Multiple Simulation Software Applications

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00

Presented by: Dr Michael Platten, Senior Product Manager

Automation and integration can bring more significant benefits than any single software tool. 

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Software engineering companies often need multiple simulation tools from different suppliers across multiple disciplines (CAD, CAE, FEA design tools) to automate full system analysis.

Automation problems

• CAD models are difficult and time consuming to mesh for FEA
• Global CAE methods and processes not aligned
• Experienced engineers to perform robust and proven CAE methods is essential

Using automated and integrated simulation processes earlier in the design process can help to avoid any complications and late fundamental design changes; which can incur additional costs and unnecessary delays.

RomaxDESIGNERis a leading CAE software product which offers an integrated system approach for drivetrain and transmission development. You can capture multiple dynamic interactions throughout the design stages (analysing complex system effects to assess efficiency, durability and noise and vibration performance); detect problems earlier and overcome design challenges with seamless integration and a faster automated process.

By utilising multidisciplinary automation technologies you can achieve high product quality, improved traceability, speed and cost efficiency with democratisation of specialised engineering tools and streamlined processes.

Key features

• Integrating powerful simulation tools for optimal designs through automated processes
• RomaxDESIGNER batch running capabilities – third-party tools integration
• From CAD to manufacturing and testing
• Multi-disciplinary simulation for any application
• Optimisation of multiple system targets across multiple platform analysis tools
• Appification and democratization of CAE
• Automation of ‘Design of Experiments’ for parametric studies across multiple analysis types
• Applicable to ‘Gear macro/micro-geometry optimisation’ in RomaxDESIGNER and CONCEPT
• Advanced customised reporting capabilities

This webinargives anintroduction to automating drivetrain and transmission development with a RomaxDESIGNER and Comet Solution simulation demonstration. There will also be a customer overview by American Axle & Manufacturing on achieving integrated and automated simulation processes.

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