Bearing Dynamics tool

Bearing Dynamics – a validated tool for predicting skidding and other phenomena

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00 GMT

Presented by: Kurt Sheridan, Bearing Technical Specialist 

With the rise of electric vehicles, bearings are operating under increasingly high speeds. Combined with low load conditions, this can lead to a dynamic phenomenon known as bearing skidding. In certain circumstances, bearing skidding can generate excessive frictional heat and high surface shear stress, and subsequently result in efficiency issues or premature bearing failure. In the past, dynamic behaviour of ball bearings operating under a wide range of conditions has been considered a challenging phenomenon to predict.

Romax have developed a Bearing Dynamics application which uses a novel approach based on transient time-domain analysis to predict the occurrence of skidding in electric-vehicle bearings in a matter of minutes. The model considers structural, thermal and fluid domains, including the influence of centrifugal and gyroscopic effects on rolling-element dynamics, heat generated by the lubricant, and rheology and traction behaviour of the lubricating oil.

This new application will help design engineers and bearing analysts to avoid damaging failures by designing more reliable bearings and selecting better lubricants, through unique insight of the underlying skidding mechanism and bearing dynamics.

What will you learn?

  • The importance of skidding analysis for electric-vehicle bearings
  • How Romax Bearing Dynamics works
  • How to make potential design changes to reduce the intensity of skidding

Who should watch?
Bearing designers, bearing analysts, bearing suppliers, bearing specialists

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