Bearing Rating Standards – ISO76, ISO281 & ISO/TS16281

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00 BST

Presented by: Dave Scott, Senior Technical Specialist - Design Services; Romax Technology

In the development of gearboxes, motors or any other rotating machine it is critical to understand the impact of the loads and operating conditions on bearing performance. In this webinar we look at the ISO standards for bearing rating, giving an overview of how to use the standards to predict bearing life.

This webinar explains the principals behind the calculations and provides guidance on which standards are most applicable under different scenarios. It covers the limitations of methods and an explanation of how Romax Design Team with our Romax software take the guesswork out of bearing life prediction.

What attendees will learn:

  • What are the primary ISO rating standards for bearings
  • What are the differences between the standards
  • What are contact fatigue, failure rates & predicted life
  • How misalignment influences the calculations
  • What are the fatigue load limit and equivalent loads
  • How to choose the appropriate rating method

Who should attend?

Engineers who want to understand how to choose or specify appropriate bearings to ensure a successful system design.

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