CAE-led design of electrical machines using Romax and JMAG

Date: , 10:00 AM Eastern Time, 3:00 PM BST

Presented by: Rob Holehouse, Product Manager, Hexagon | Romax Technology

Efficient electric motor design requires a multi-fidelity, multi-physics process which allows different departments to work together smoothly. Lots of the work is done by electrical engineers in electromagnetic software packages such as JMAG, but there are also mechanical and structural aspects to consider and to refine. In addition, the motor cannot be designed independently of the full powertrain system, since critical interactions between all components within the system can have a significant impact on performance attributes.

This webinar will showcase a range of tools within Romax software for mechanical and structural analysis of electric machines, and show how the links between these tools and JMAG form part of an end-to-end process for design and analysis:

  • How JMAG-Express Online may be used to rapidly investigate motor topologies at the earliest stage in the motor development process
  • Links from JMAG-Express Online to Romax Concept and Evolve to provide a fast, easy workflow for initial structural analysis and drivetrain packaging studies
  • Use of JMAG-Designer for detailed analysis, including high-fidelity calculation of electromagnetic losses
  • Holistic analysis of an integrated EV drivetrain in Romax software, including gearbox and motor NVH and efficiency simulation

This multi-physics, multi-fidelity simulation environment provides an enhanced workflow integration for motor designers looking to understand motor and electric powertrain efficiency performance right from the start.

Read more about Romax Evolve here.

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