Electric Motor Acoustic Analysis

Democratizing Complex Radiated Noise Simulation: Electric Motor Acoustic Analysis in Romax Evolve

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00 BST

Presented by: Dr Rob Holehouse, Product Manager - Evolve, Romax Technology

For a thorough understanding of NVH performance in electro-mechanical systems, engineers need to be able to simulate noise and vibration performance from the earliest stage in the design process. Romax Evolve’s Acoustic Analysis adds radiated noise capabilities to the electric machine simulation and multi-fidelity NVH analysis provided by Romax Evolve to give you the complete picture as part of a CAE-led component design process.

You can rely on Romax Evolve for fast and accurate results. Its frequency-domain vibration analysis is fast, accurate, and easily interpretable, even for non-experts. Romax Evolve has a variety of tools available that will help you identify and mitigate the root causes of radiated noise problems, including the ability to predict vibrations and analyse system dynamics. Plus, with its ability to generate idealized motor excitations, its easier than ever to get an initial indication of how your electric motor will perform in terms of NVH right at the start of the design process. The rapid feedback you’ll receive also means there’s more time to modify and improve your design based on those results.

With Romax Evolve, you don’t have to be a CAE specialist to perform detailed structural, NVH and acoustic analysis, letting you democratize the process and complete all the steps involved in structural design of your electrical machine within a single programme. At the appropriate stage of the process, models from Evolve can be integrated with a full powertrain model in Romax Enduro (for durability analysis), Romax Energy (for efficiency analysis) or Romax Spectrum (for full system NVH analysis).

What attendees will learn:

  • How Romax Evolve can quickly and accurately simulate Electrical Machine structural performance.
  • How Romax Evolve enables engineers to identify the sources of electrical machine NVH and guide design improvements
  • How Romax Evolve can predict radiated noise

Who should attend?

NVH Specialists, Electric Machine Designers, Electric Machine Analysts

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