Design of Clutch-less Multi-speed Electric Drive Units with Torque Interrupting Shift

Date: , 09:30 & 16:00 GMT

Presented by: Tom Warrington, Drivetrain and Analysis Engineer, Romax Technology

With the increasing demand for electric powertrains across the automotive sector, there is a growing need to reduce their size, weight and cost, whilst improving efficiency. In many applications this is driving continued interest in the benefits of developing multi-speed electric powertrains.

With a multi-speed system an important requirement decision is between whether to permit a torque-interrupt during gear shift or to require power-shifting. Whether the torque-interrupting shift is acceptable for the end customer depends on the application, the cost target, and the relevant performance targets. In this webinar we discuss systems that allow torque interruption.

In this webinar, we will discuss how a system without a clutch between the prime mover electric machine and a multi-speed transmission with torque interrupting shifting can help meet all these requirements compared to single speed and other multi-speed configurations. We will look at some of the key design challenges and how these can be addressed through the mechanical, electrical, and control systems design, as well as overall architecture & systems engineering, to produce a highly efficient, cost effective, and power dense electric powertrain.

What attendees will learn:

  • The impact a clutchless multi-speed EDU can have on reducing the size, mass, cost and efficiency losses in an electric powertrain
  • The importance of considering multiple sub-systems and their interactions to ensure a highly optimised overall powertrain system, minimising the impact of a torque-interrupt transmission on driver perceptions.
  • How Romax Design Services can help provide integrated powertrain solutions

Who should attend?

Analysts, technical sales, Tier 2s transitioning into electrification, Tier 1s looking to develop new market leading products, OEMs investing into electrification, automotive start-ups, design, and transmission engineers who focus on the design of electro-mechanical systems.

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