Optimize gear Micro Geometry

Durable, Robust and Efficient: Optimising Gear Micro Geometry Using Romax Energy and Romax Enduro

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00 BST

Presented by: Dr Riza Jamaluddin, Technical Specialist - Drivetrain Design

Optimising gear micro geometry is a critical step in ensuring satisfactory end product performance. Gear designers have to ensure that gears satisfy numerous geometry and performance based targets, ensuring that they are reliable, quiet and efficient, whilst delivering them under increased pressure for shorter lead times and reduced cost. At a macro level, the gear must provide the right ratio, achieve satisfactory bending and contact strength, and adhere to packaging constraints, but it must also be resistant to pitting, operate quietly and efficiently, and produce limited vibration.

The most robust way to design for such a range of targets is to simulate, and to do so holistically and in the context of the whole transmission system. By including whole system effects such as housing deformations and the impact of gear misalignment on bearing forces and shaft deflection, the effect of varying gear flank modifications can be understood. Once optimal geometry has been pinpointed, design studies can show how sensitive it is to real-life variation or error, so you can optimise the gears for robust manufacturing and have confidence in the performance of your manufactured product.

In this webinar, we will introduce the basic aspects of gear micro-geometry (using lead and involute profiles), and present a process to consider when optimising it for durability and efficiency, including consideration of achievable manufacturing accuracy. The approach will use a combination of Romax products, and will be illustrated with reference to real-life case study projects. We will show how Romax software tools can be used to optimise gear design simultaneously for durability and efficiency, whilst minimising edge loading to reduce gear mesh TE and thus improving potential NVH performance.

What attendees will learn:

  • How Romax tools Enduro and Energy can be used together to balance multiple performance criteria
  • A process for optimising gear micro geometry for durability, efficiency and NVH
  • How to account for manufacturability within micro geometry optimisation
  • That Romax’s full system approach is critical to achieving accurate understanding of end product performance
  • How Romax has applied this approach across multiple case studies

Who should attend?

Transmission Designers, CAE Analysts, Application Engineers, Gear Designers

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