EV traction motor selection considering NVH performance using Motor-CAD and RomaxDESIGNER

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00

Presented by: Dr Dave Staton, Motor Design Ltd & Dr Rob Holehouse, Romax Technology

This webinar demonstrated the interface from Motor-CAD to RomaxDESIGNER: EV traction motor electric motor design in Motor-CAD with NVH in RomaxDESIGNER. The performance of two different traction motors will be evaluated using Motor-CAD and RomaxDESIGNER. NVH is a key performance target for EV traction applications. The two traction motors will be compared for NVH performance showing that motor design should consider both excitations and system response.

Motor-CAD provides three modules, EMag + Therm + Lab, that enable very fast calculations of motor efficiency maps and subsequent thermal transient analysis of different complex duty cycles/drive cycles. It is possible to go from motor design concept to full transient thermal analysis in a few minutes. These features make Motor-CAD an ideal fit for design of electric motors for E-Mobility solutions. Motor-CAD is also used extensively for the design of aerospace, industrial and other types of electrical machines.

The automated interface between Motor-CAD and RomaxDESIGNER allows for excitation data to be calculated by Motor-CAD and exported into RomaxDESIGNER for system NVH analysis including motor and gearbox. This automated interface allows ease of data exchange between different engineering departments or suppliers. It allows for an efficient, streamlined NVH process that can result in great cost and time savings in the development process, targeting a Right First Time design approach.

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Understand how Motor-CAD and RomaxDESIGNER complement each other to allow fast and easy to set up electric motor design including NVH analysis.

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