A practical and analytical approach to solving gearbox failures

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00

Presented by: Stewart Hughes and Diego Kieffer, Romax Technology

Gearbox failures are still a growing concern across all industries. Implementing a solution without understanding the root cause failure may lead to additional failures and wasted resources. The key element of the solution is to understand the root cause analysis and eliminate future occurrences of the failure.

Romax experts lead gearbox failure investigations in the automotive, wind, industrial and rail industries and recognise that when failures occur, the owner or OEM must quantify the risk of re-occurrence and solve the problem.

Our solution combines theoretical and practical expertise to perform detailed workshop and field inspections, metallurgical analysis, monitoring of operational data and measurements of real operating loads.

Our Romax experts have experience in transmissions, gears, bearings, heat treatment and materials. Using our practical knowledge and advanced analytical tools, the root cause of the gearbox failure can be identified to quantify the risk and implement the best solution.

This 45-minute webinar will show you the most cost effective solution to identify and eliminate the cause of failure, by illustrating case study examples.

Learn how to prevent a gearbox failure from occurring again by using a holistic approach to design optimisation and manufacturing improvements based on findings from the failure investigation.

Webinar Programme 

  • Introduction to Romax expertise in failure investigations
  • Methodology – practical approach used during onsite and offsite detailed inspections
  • Measurements of failed parts – examples of lubrication, metallurgical and dimensional measurements used to identify the cause of failure
  • Analysis – how a whole system simulation can be used to check the findings from the inspection and improve the design
  • Solution – how the results are used to remove the root cause

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