From blank sheet to ePowertrain design using Romax Concept

Date: , 8am PDT / 4pm BST

Presented by: Jack Sandiford, Product Manager Romax Concept, Hexagon; Dr Rob Holehouse, Product Manager - Electrification, Hexagon

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How designers can get the most out of the design stage, explore the effect of changes before design elements are fixed, and get the information needed to make confident, informed decisions early on
  • How Romax Concept’s intuitive approach to fast parametric modelling, even of complex planetary automatic transmissions and EVs, makes it incredibly easy for anyone to use, democratising the concept design phase
  • How to minimise repeated work and streamline processes by using a flexible simulation approach which incorporates CAE, CAD, and MBD
  • How to facilitate agile drivetrain development and collaboration between gearbox and eMotor design departments, using the integration between Romax tools and JMAG-Express Online
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