Gear & Bearing losses – Prediction & Improvement

Date: , 10 AM IST

Presented by: Mr. Sanjay Shelar, Senior Manager- Software & Consultancy, Hexagon | Romax Technology

The selection of bearings is often done without considering its effect on gears, NVH characteristics, and power losses in bearings. The general guidelines about bearing rating and its life expectancy are no more effective unless they are validated comprehensively at a system level. Designers are in search of such a tool that considers all those parameters by which the bearings are influenced and bearing influences other gearbox parameters.

The webinar describes:

  • The right process to select the right bearing and analyze the same for bearing life and damage calculation.
  • Bearing misalignment calculation and the effect of housing on it affects the life of gear and bearing.
  • The calculation of gear and bearing mechanical losses.
  • Advanced methods in calculating the friction between mating surfaces of gears and bearing result in accurate modeling of power losses.

This webinar will help drivetrain/electromechanical system designers, analysts, drivetrain performance testing and product development engineers at small and large OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers in decision-making.

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