powertrain gear design

Gear design and analysis in the context of the full powertrain system, using Romax Concept and Romax Enduro

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00 GMT

Presented by: Kristian Kouumdjieff, Product Manager - Enduro & Simon White, Senior Product Manager

Gears are a hallmark feature of everything we do at Romax. We work with customers across a wide range of industries, from heavy industry to Formula One, on projects from initial design and sizing all the way through to optimisation, tolerancing, manufacture and testing.

Gear design begins in Romax Concept, which offers fast early stage design, sizing and rating. Gears can be represented as 1) loading gears, for fast design iteration of ratios and layouts while providing essential system loads without needing detailed geometry, 2) concept gears, for selection of module and tooth number combinations, and 3) detailed gears, with full macro-geometry parameters. The automated gear set designer can be used to search the gear geometry design space, and score candidate designs using user-specified and weighted criteria. Each candidate can be examined and easily swapped into the system design, viewing life prediction and rating for constant feedback on the design feasibility.

Romax Enduro offers further methods for a more flexible and detailed gear design process, such as batch running (enabling design and optimisation of multiple gear sets simultaneously), parametric studies, tolerancing and sensitivity studies, and the ability to add further detail such as micro-geometry. We will also demonstrate advanced simulation capabilities such as thin-rimmed gear root stress analysis, and give an overview of the interfaces we support to third party gear design and manufacturing tools.

All of this powerful design and analysis is done within the context of the full powertrain system, so you always understand the impact that design decisions may have across the whole system to a range of performance targets.

What will you learn?

  • How Romax Concept and Romax Enduro can be used as powerful standalone gear design software tools
  • Ways in which Romax’s gear design capabilities could improve your design processes, and the quality of your end product
  • How Romax’s full system approach provides a critical context for designing robust gears whilst meeting whole system performance criteria

Who should attend?

Gear designers, gear analysts, gear design engineers, gear specialists, drivetrain engineers, powertrain engineers

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