Gear Design for Manufacturing by Integrating Gear Cutting Simulation from Dontyne Systems into Romax products

Date: , 10:00 AM Eastern Time, 3:00 PM BST

Presented by: Kristian Kouumdjieff, Product Manager, Hexagon | Romax Technology

Successful transmission design hinges on whether gears can be easily manufactured or not. The tooth geometry determined by the design engineer often cannot be produced precisely as specified. Even small adjustments made by the manufacturer due to the limitations or intricacies of the manufacturing method can invalidate the design intent. This is exacerbated by manufacturing variability, which adds further uncertainty in how the physical system will perform. We know that gears are highly sensitive to even micron-level deviations and they can have a significant effect on the transmission’s performance and especially NVH. If any unwanted deviations are found during production, the options to fix this are limited and often involve large costs, slow cycle times and long project delays.

Together with Dontyne Systems, we are collaborating to address this and create solutions that enable the design engineer to consider the manufacturing process at the design stage, without requiring deep gear manufacturing expertise.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Who Dontyne Systems are, their strong background and offerings in gear manufacturing, and the exciting outlook of the partnership between Romax and Dontyne
  • How to generate a virtual manufactured gear micro-geometry surface using gear machining simulations in Romax powered by seamlessly integrated software from Dontyne Systems
  • The effect of poor gear manufacturability on transmission performance and NVH
  • How to fully automate the virtual manufacturing simulation with tooling parameter estimation to empower non-experts and enable design space exploration and variability and robustness analysis
  • How to view all the details of the tooling and the gear finishing simulation performed by Dontyne, and have more manual control for those expert users who require it

Being able to identify gear manufacturability issues early gives the designer the opportunity to mitigate the risks through iterative design, allows them to be confident that their design can be easily manufactured, and improves the real-world performance of their design.

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