Gear whine attenuation with topology optimization Webinar

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00

Presented by: Raja Rangarajan, Engineering analyst, Romax Technology

This study was performed to understand and demonstrate a methodology to be able to perform a structural/topological optimization of gearbox housings to be able to attenuate gear whine – a tonal noise emitted from a gearbox. This option is chosen to attenuate the whine downstream the design process, when reducing the Transmission Error in the gears (possible source), or tuning the vibrations transmitted through misalignments in shafts or bearings don’t seem quite effective in reducing the gearbox noise. The presentation illustrates how Topologically optimizing a single speed EV gearbox has helped attenuate the gear whine noise corresponding to an excitation from the first stage speed reduction gearset. The end result shows a significant reduction in the Equivalent Radiated Power ~3dB from the gearbox housing which is a Pseudo-Sound Power measure.

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