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Integrating CAD and CAE for efficient CAE-led design: Enhancing the Romax product suite through CAD Fusion

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00 BST

Presented by: David Saysell, Team Leader - Design Engineering, Romax Technology

Throughout the design process, engineers have to move models between the worlds of CAD and CAE, for design and analysis respectively. This process of data transfer can be enormously time consuming, especially when data has to be re-entered manually, where there is significant potential to introduce errors. With a large number of new powertrain variations to explore, today’s analysts need streamlined processes which facilitate the development of novel designs, for example electric vehicles.

Romax CAD Fusion is designed to facilitate a fast and smooth transfer of 2D and 3D geometry between major CAD packages and the Romax suite of CAE tools. With CAD Fusion’s intelligent and automatic feature recognition and geometry repair, even complicated designs can be imported and exported reliably and accurately, meaning less time is spent recreating your design or inputting data. This allows for faster model building, more design iterations and supports greater complexity earlier on in the process. Additionally, FE geometry can be created, modified and meshed, offering an easy route into FEA whereby designers with less experience in FE can leverage its benefits.

Compatible with all major CAD programmes and the entire Romax suite, CAD Fusion enables greater cross-departmental collaboration between designers and analysts, making it easier and faster to achieve a Right First Time Design.

What attendees will learn:

  • How CAD Fusion’s intelligent tools provide robust data exchange.
  • How CAD Fusion can reduce potential for introducing errors in modelling.
  • How to make significant time savings by collaborating in the design process.
  • How CAD Fusion turns Romax products into powerful meshing and FEA tools.
  • How CAD Fusion empowers you to understand the impact of design decisions on performance metrics.
  • How our own engineering consultants use CAD Fusion to streamline their processes.

Who should attend?

CAD Engineers, Design Engineers, CAE Engineers, CAE Analyst

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