Introduction to Wind Energy Challenges – CAE Simulation & Inspection

Date: , 7am PT, 3pm BST

Presented by: Dr. Xiaobing Hu, Head of Applied Solutions, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division

As the most widely-used renewable energy source today, wind energy is not just clean and sustainable, it is also cost-effective. In order to further increase its adoption worldwide, advanced engineering technologies need to be applied to reduce cost of energy production and to improve its reliability.

Join this webinar to learn more about the business and technical challenges that the wind energy industry is facing today. Xiaobing is going to take you through the journey of leveraging the comprehensive engineering solutions that Hexagon offers to solve those issues and improve your wind turbine design and operation. For example, how to enhance the durability and efficiency of the wind turbine systems, while reducing its acoustic impact on the environment.

Who should join?
This webinar is tailored for all professionals who are involved in designing and developing wind turbine systems or its components, and we welcome anyone who’s interested in learning more about how CAE engineering can help with the wind turbine design to join this live session.

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