electric vehicle traction motor

NVH analysis of an electric vehicle traction motor with JMAG and Romax software

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00 BST

Presented by: Dr Rob Holehouse and Corentin Jouvet

The Romax suite builds value in the alliances which we foster via our ever-growing eco system of academic, research and commercial partners. Such partnerships increase collaboration and enable a Right First Time CAE-led design process. In this webinar jointly presented by Romax and Powersys, we will demonstrate how the link between Romax software (Spectrum and Evolve) and the electromagnetic FE software tool JMAG can be used to solve an engineering design problem, to evaluate the effect of rotor skew on noise in an EV drivetrain.

Watch the recorded webinar to find out:

  • How JSOL’s JMAG interface with Romax Evolve and Romax Spectrum can speed up and simplify their component-level and system-level NVH analysis
  • How this interface can be used as part of a Right First Time CAE process
  • A case study demonstrating how this interface can help inform electrical machine design

Find more information on Romax Evolve here.

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