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Predicting and improving electro-mechanical transmission efficiency using Romax Energy

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00 GMT

Presented by: Kostas Karamolegkos, Product Manager - Energy

Modern transmission system design must balance multiple conflicting criteria. Achieving optimum efficiency performance, whilst satisfying targets for durability and optimising NVH, is paramount. The right software tools can help engineers to manage these trade-offs, design efficient transmissions, and thus reduce fuel consumption (ICE) and/or extend range (EV).

Romax Energy offers advanced methods for load-dependent and load-independent losses, including advanced tribological methods for gear mesh and bearing losses. Its parametric modelling approach means that users can understand the impact of varying geometry and operational parameters on the whole system performance, to ensure a CAE-led design process for optimum efficiency.

Romax Energy is based on years of research and development, with simulation methods which have been validated by numerous commercial projects, proven by correlation with test data and measured improvements in driveline efficiency. Packaged within an easy-to-use dedicated tool for calculation of transmission efficiency (bearings, gears, clutches, seals), Romax Energy is aimed at analysts, design and transmission engineers who focus on the design of electro-mechanical systems and on optimizing its efficiency at both a component and system level.

What will you learn?

  • How Romax’s fast and accurate transmission power loss calculations help our customers meet efficiency targets and build better, highly efficient products
  • Why drive-cycle simulation is an important tool for assessing CO2 reduction potential, fuel consumption and efficiency
  • How Romax’s advanced component and system-level efficiency analyses can help predict and improve efficiency performance
  • How to integrate efficiency analysis throughout the development process and alongside system optimisation for other performance attributes such as noise and durability
  • How Romax Energy enhances and contributes to existing workflows, for an integrated and robust approach to simulation

Who should attend?

Analysts, design and transmission engineers who focus on the design of electro-mechanical systems.

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