Right First Time Design of Electrified Propulsion Systems

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00 BST

Presented by: Jack Sandiford, Drivetrain Engineering Analyst, Romax Technology

Every choice made in the course of developing a product design, whether it is the selection of a fundamental architecture or the tolerance applied to a single dimension, follows from incremental decision-making logic. A design framework for rapid decision-making and validation of design solutions enables powerful design engineering.

Our philosophy is embedded in a culture of ‘pre-work not re-work’: Right First Time Design is a measure of the engineering approach itself – and good processes produce good results, with less wasted effort. In this webinar, we show the potential and opportunity that Right First Time design presents.

Fast iterations that consider multiple targets and multiple physics together in just enough detail for the decision being made – the ability to do this comes from Romax’s simulation technology expertise built into products such as the Romax suite.

The end goal is for the cumulative output of all these decisions to be a product definition that fulfills the needs of its stakeholders (customers, users, manufacturers etc.) in terms of function, behaviour, dependability, and manufacturability. Right First Time design provides a framework that minimises wasted time and effort in the pursuit of achieving this goal.

What attendees will learn:

  • The benefits of using the Romax toolchain to rapidly verify electrification designs through parametric simulation
  • How the principles of Right First Time design enable the effective development of sophisticated electrified propulsion systems
  • How model-based systems engineering and parametric models can benefit you
  • The philosophy behind our (mantra): ‘pre-work, not re-work’

Who should attend?

Analysts, technical sales, Tier 2s transitioning into electrification, Tier 1s looking to improve their engineering processes, OEMs investing into electrification, automotive start-ups, design, and transmission engineers who focus on the design of electro-mechanical systems.

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