From Gear to Ear: Simulating electro-mechanical powertrain NVH

Date: , 10 AM IST (GMT+05:30)

Presented by: Mr. Amol Korde, Head of Software & Consultancy, Hexagon | Romax Technology

The NVH decisions are often conflicting with durability, efficiency, cost, and expensive when they are taken at a very late stage. On one side, the general rule of thumb can’t be implemented, whereas on another side the testing turns out to be very expensive. In this situation, the NVH designer needs the tool which tells intuitively about meeting NVH targets without sacrificing durability and efficiency and that does it at a lower cost.

The webinar describes:

  • The right process to forecast the NVH issues at an early stage during the design process. Applying the modifications over gear teeth profile, bearing mountings, and identifying the key contributors of noise outside the gearbox.
  • How to differentiate between a motor whine and a gear whine and what way the motor can be modeled, analyzed, and modified within given packaging boundaries.

This webinar will help Drivetrain/electromechanical system Designers, Analysts, Drivetrain performance Testing, and Product Development Engineers at small and large OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers in decision-making.

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