System level bevel gear design and analysis using RomaxDESIGNER and Gleason GEMS

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00 GMT

Presented by: Stuart Mould, Application Engineer & Sam Wade, Partnership Management Specialist

RomaxDESIGNER is the leading design and analysis tool for transmissions and drivelines to achieve optimum durability, efficiency and NVH performance.

This webinar will show a key capability that integrates Romax and Gleason GEMS software to bring expert-level bevel and hypoid gear design and analysis into the RomaxDESIGNER environment. This gives system-level design and optimisation of bevel and hypoid gears, considering manufacturing and Romax and Gleason engineering know-how for the first time.

RomaxDESIGNER provides accurate information about gear misalignments considering the complete gearbox system including the housing and accounting for deflections of all components. This information is passed into GEMS, which is then able to perform detailed analysis and optimisation of bevel and hypoid gear pairs.

This partnership significantly enhances the design process, enabling more system based calculations, and leading to designs with increased durability, efficiency, and improved NVH characteristics.


  • See the new RomaxDESIGNER Gleason interface in action
  • Understand the benefits of incorporating both Romax Technology and Gleason into your design process, to improve product quality and reduce time to market
  • Witness the workflow that the interface provides from defining gears in GEMS to applying the results in RomaxDESIGNER
  • Learn how the interface allows direct interchange of information and results between Romax and Gleason reducing user error

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