bearing advanced analysis

Using Romax Spin for detailed bearing design and advanced analysis within the Romax platform

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00 GMT

Presented by: Kristian Kouumdjieff, Product Manager

The calculation of bearing loads provides the basics for bearing analysis. However, accurately predicting the loads is far from basic: bearing stiffness is highly non-linear, and is highly sensitive to mounting clearances, internal details down to the roller and raceway micro-geometry, misalignments, and raceway flexibility just to name a few.  External factors must also be considered, as the bearings are operating in a full system where they are influenced by many other components, including gear misalignment, shaft deflection and housing flexibility. In this interlinked, flexible system, it is crucial to simulate accurate full system deflections and loads. To get this right, accurate bearing modelling and simulation is critical. If the bearing stiffness is not captured properly, the entire simulation model will be wrong.

Romax Spin enables fast modelling of a full parametric electro-mechanical system model, including motors, gears, shafts, housings and bearings, to different levels of complexity as required. Our strong relationship with bearing suppliers means that bearings can be selected from most major catalogues, or you can custom edit or design your own. Bearing expertise has always been at the heart of Romax, and that is embodied in our world-class bearing models, which enable advanced, integrated analysis of rolling element bearings to give unrivaled insight into bearing performance, including accurate prediction of element and raceway stresses, rib contact, edge stress, contact truncation, advanced fatigue life methods, and consideration of manufacturing and assembly. To ensure all interactions are captured, Romax Spin accurately and rapidly predicts full system loads, deflections and gear and bearing misalignments.

Using Romax Spin enables our customers to select optimal bearings for their applications, to understand the performance of their bearings in a full-system context which considers all system interactions, and to predict bearing failures, including complex effects such as sliding or skidding, and identify appropriate counter measures.

What will you learn?

  • How Romax Spin’s full system approach enables better understanding of bearing performance
  • What advanced analysis methods Romax Spin can offer, and why they make it the most trusted tool on the market
  • About Romax’s underlying bearing expertise, which gives our users confidence in our software
  • How Romax Spin integrates with other Romax products, to increase collaboration and enhance processes

Who should watch?

Bearing designers, bearing analysts, bearing suppliers, bearing specialists, driveline engineers

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