Vibration sources in EV systems & E-machines

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00

Presented by:  Leon Rodrigues, Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Drive Systems Engineer, Romax Technology

Electric vehicle development is a fast-moving and dynamic market sector with increasing challenges as more innovative products are designed.

Integrated technologies, such as electrical machines coupled with gearboxes are capable of providing efficient and power dense traction solutions for EV drivelines. However, NVH still remains a significant challenge within the driveline design process.

Romax Technology employs a ‘system approach’ for NVH modeling which allows users to overcome these challenges and achieve seamless integration.

Users are able to capture electro-mechanical dynamic interactions in the early development stages and prevent problems from the start, resulting in holistically optimised future products that are Right First Time™.

This webinar will describe the various sources of vibration in EV systems and explain the potential interactions in an integrated driveline. We will give information on the input requirements of the RomaxDESIGNER R17 release ‘Electrical Machine modeler’, which includes a vibration analysis tool that interfaces directly with electromagnetic FEA.

What will you learn

  • Background on e-Machines and torque production mechanisms
  • Overview of the sources of vibration in electrical machines
  • Design factors and operating conditions that affect motor NVH
  • How do we calculate motor NVH excitations
    • Different types excitations (such as torque ripple, imbalance and radial force shapes) used to calculate driveline vibration
    • Example using 3rd party electro-mechanical analysis software

Key advantages

  • Integrated approach for motor and gearbox noise calculations
  • Evaluate the effect of both motor and gearbox noise sources in a system approach
  • Detect interactions that would otherwise be unidentified until the final system is tested, therefore increasing costly modifications

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