powertrain NVH

From gear to ear: Simulating electro-mechanical powertrain NVH in CAE-led development processes with Romax Spectrum

Date: , 09:00 & 16:00 BST

Presented by: Dr Michael Platten, Senior Product Manager - NVH & Dynamics

CAE-led design refers to the use of CAE to lead the development of products, based on the principle of “simulate early; simulate often”. The benefit of such an approach is that major design problems are ironed out early in the process, leading to shortened development programmes and improved quality. This is particularly important for NVH, where problems discovered late in the process are much harder to iron out.

To achieve true CAE-led design for NVH, you need the right tools; they must be fast and accurate, and must allow you to make engineering decisions with confidence. Romax Spectrum is a software solution focussed on the NVH simulation, analysis and optimisation of transmission and electro-mechanical powertrains. This validated solution covers the complete simulation process from gear design for NVH through to prediction of radiated noise. It sits at the heart of the NVH process with strong links to the wider CAE world for electromagnetic simulation, vehicle sound quality simulation and process automation: A true “gear to ear” solution for NVH CAE-led design.

What you will learn:

  • The principles of CAE-led design for NVH
  • What an end-to-end process for NVH simulation looks like
  • How Romax Spectrum is key to the implementation of CAE-led design for vibration and noise caused by gears and electrical machines
  • How links to other CAE tools for structural optimisation and vehicle noise quality enhance Romax Spectrum’s capabilities for electro-mechanical powertrains
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