Global Altair Technology Conference


16th-18th October 2018



Romax Technology will be exhibiting at the Global Altair Technology Conference. In addition, Dr. Michael Platten, Senior Product Manager at Romax Technology, will be presenting a paper titled, “Designing electro-mechanical powertrains in the context of whole vehicle NVH”

This presentation addresses 3 major issues regarding CAE-led design of electro-mechanical powertrains for NVH: The demand for faster development times and lower development costs; the need to cope with an unfamiliar vehicle noise environment and new chassis and powertrain layouts; and the need to understand the powertrain within the context of the vehicle for a thorough noise quality assessment. The solution to these problems is to provide software tools and processes that give accurate simulations of powertrain performance early in the development process. This CAE-led design approach for NVH means that issues can be identified and resolved – both at the powertrain subsystem level and at the vehicle level – before any prototyping is done. Romax Technology and Altair are working in partnership to provide simulation tools and processes to implement this solution.

This presentation shows how Romax software for electro-mechanical powertrain simulation and Altair software for electro-magnetic simulation, structural optimisation and whole vehicle NVH analysis can work together to deliver a CAE-led design process for powertrain NVH. With this combination of tools engineers can effectively achieve “virtual NVH sign-off” with the potential to reduce prototyping cycles and development costs.