Case Studies

We help our customers solve critical challenges, speeding up development, reducing costs and improving quality – Right First Time™.



Romax Technology’s bearing consultancy services equip Cummins Generator Technologies with knowledge and confidence, providing specialist, technical knowledge for informed supplier discussions, impartial investigation into root cause analysis of bearing failures, and expert evaluation of new bearing designs

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Meter Bearings

RomaxDESIGNER Enterprise enables Meter Bearings to deliver optimized designs to their customers more quickly, using automated and integrated bearing analysis within a whole system simulation context.

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Providing innovative solutions in drivetrain product development and software development, innoVision Engineering use a combination of their own in-house tools and commercially available products, such as CONCEPT and RomaxDESIGNER.

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Romax Technology helped Magnomatics to investigate a variety of possible design options very quickly, using multi-fidelity models and multiple drive cycles for realistic, reliable simulation to help optimise a magnetic power-split dedicated hybrid transmission.

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Find out how FLT Group used RomaxDESIGNER for complex analysis of FLT bearings in a particular application and working condition; which helped to save costs (associated with bearing failures and warranty claims), time in calculations and design investigation, improved product quality and increased customer satisfaction. 

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We provide a whole-system simulation approach to satisfy demanding reliability and NVH targets, whilst defining a simulation strategy covering both the test and in-service arrangement of a rail gearbox. 

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Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen AG, the largest car maker in Europe, has used RomaxDESIGNER for more than four years, using the software’s whole-system modelling and analysis approach to examine multiple design parameters and evaluate the influence of variations in the production process.

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Adrian Technologies

We help expert consultants optimise diverse client designs, and make more informed decisions earlier, with RomaxDESIGNER simulation leading to significant time savings and an understanding of the whole system behaviour.

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Saving EDF Money with Vibration Monitoring at End of Warranty

North America’s largest provider of third party O&M enlist Romax’ innovative portable vibration detection equipment and expert personnel, resulting in improved wind farm maintenance and more confident warranty claims, with an ROI of 20:1.  

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