Practical Solutions of Gear Whine Problems

Presented by: Adam Austin, NVH Product Development Engineer, Romax Technology

This webinar is the second in our NVH in driveline systems campaign series covering:

• Overview of gear whine theory and how to solve and prevent problems
• Gear whine case studies: In-depth examples of driveline NVH
• Gear whine and sidebands in planetary gears
• NVH in electro-mechanical powertrains

Gear whine noise is the result of transmission error (TE) and the system vibration response to it. Our gear whine analysis predicts TE in each loaded gear mesh including the effects of gear mesh misalignments and gear micro-geometry. The vibration response of the entire system to the TE excitation is obtained from an automatically generated dynamic model.

Our software tool RomaxDESIGNER analyses critical effects such as the phase of the TE excitations. Our GearBox Transmission Error (GBTE) module assesses interdependent effects between planetary gear meshes, and planetary sideband mechanisms. Simulation capabilities also include mode shape visualisation, transfer function calculation, harmonic response, and many others.

This webinar will show how to solve gear whine problems across a wide range of applications and industries with case study examples.

Webinar Agenda:

• Right First Time™ solution using RomaxDESIGNER
• Overview of gear whine analysis
• Solving gear whine problems – case study examples
• Summary

Our software solutions and consultancy services can design and evaluate NVH characteristics at different stages of the design cycle, from the early development stage to the final stage, solving NVH issues earlier and faster.

We can also solve gear whine problems in existing designs; by supporting the customer through problem identification and testing. Our whole-system approach can assess and optimise design improvements whilst maintaining efficiency and durability.