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Romax eDrive

Energising Next Generation EV Drivelines

Your Solution for EV Driveline

Weight Reduction

Reduced Costs

Less Volume

Higher Efficiency

Collaborating with its partners, Romax has seen reductions of size and mass by 30%, an improve efficiency saving of 10%, and a quicker to market prototype that is at least equal to the existing product life, maintenance and manufacturing costs.

Production Intent Design

Production Intent Design for high efficiency and market leading NVH

Novel electric machine design

Novel electric machine design for highly optimised drivetrain solutions

Functional Safety Conformance

Functional Safety Conformance ISO 26262 and EM Compatibility

Product Architecture

Benchmarking and product investigation

Competitor Analysis

Teardown and analysis of competitor solutions

Controls Strategy

Power Electronics & Control System development

Expert engineering development with a unique and customised new product introduction process. Allowing you to meet your development timescales and powered by the world class Romax toolchain. Romax eDrive delivers power dense and highly efficient electric drives with optimised electro-mechanical interactions:

  1. Reduce time to market
  2. Harness innovation
  3. Exceed your targets
  4. Get it Right First Time (RFT)

Proven Track Record

Romax has established a long history of expertise in EV projects since 2007, in addition to  opening an  Electro-mechanical centre of excellence at Sheffield University in 2012. Using the  RomaxDESIGNER product and a sizeable  investment in R&D, Romax have been able to streamline their processes and approaches for  electro-mechanical interactions at different stages of the design phase, to bring about the best possible design. Such enhancements bring about a competitive advantage, opportunity to differentiate and rapid product development.

Electric Vehicles - Romax Tool Chain

“The most connected electro-mechanical design software available” – Working on global projects since 2007

Case Studies


The ODIN project aimed to develop a compact and cost-effective powertrain for electric vehicles (EVs). Romax technical consulting services, CONCEPT and RomaxDESIGNER software tools helped to speed development towards an optimal solution – a 50% cost reduction and a 2% improvement in overall efficiency was achieved.


The project specifically aimed to implement a rapid concept design and analysis tool for application to the conventional, hybrid and electric vehicle market, with all parties providing support across the entire vehicle powertrain, including transmission, electric systems, and internal combustion engine design. The tool allows users to analyse critical key performance indicators such as vehicle performance, driveability, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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