For more than 30 years, Romax Technology has led the world in developing methods that consider system interactions within mechanical transmissions. Now Romax leads the world into electrification; we have applied and extended our state-of-the-art engineering approach to electric drive systems.

For the first time, the crucial interactions between the electric machine and the gearbox can be considered and analysed.

R&D Investment

(per year)

> £3.5M

Combined Years Industry Experience

> 200


> 10


> 100

Collaboration with the University of Sheffield since 2011

electro-mechanical drives

The resulting capability in electro-mechanical drives is as follows:


  • World leading simulation capabilities that accurately predict the interactions between the gearbox and machine, implemented in Romax software

  • A comprehensive design process for electric drivetrains, optimized for performance and cost, running from concept selection through to prototyping

  • Bespoke design, prototyping and testing of motors and gearboxes, delivered through our Design and Analysis service

  • Research and development further characterizing the behavior of motors and gearboxes and their interactions together

Watch our video on Electrical Machine Modelling; including a vibration analysis tool that interfaces directly with electromagnetic FEA.

This new software capability enables vibration analysis of a complete electro-mechanical drivetrain. It applies excitations from both gears (transmission error) and electrical machine (torque ripple, radial forces) and calculates the response of a full system model; including transmission, electrical machine and housing. Users are able to capture electro-mechanical dynamic interactions in the early development stages, resulting in holistically and efficiently optimised future products.

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