Helping you to optimise the entire range of transmissions required for marine applications.

Helping our customers to optimize and design bespoke transmissions required for marine and naval applications.


The Marine sector demands a highly efficient and reliable transmission system. Romax can help to optimise drive ratio, control acoustic and vibration characteristics and failure investigation of gears and bearings in addition to:

  • Developing a commercial strategy including business feasibility based on capability review and market research
  • supporting your critical design assessment
  • Designing ultra-low noise gears for military applications
  • Assessing system deflection results to understand how to accommodate loads without leading to gear misalignment
  • Assessing tolerances required, assessment of tolerancing scheme
  • Supporting your manufacturing audit


Use our software to help solve your design issues including;

  • Efficiency system and reducing CO2
  • Optimising gearbox architecture with RomaxDESIGNER including Packaging, Weight and Design
  • Reducing costs - Bearing, Gear Tooling, Labour, Gear Manufacturing, Prototyping and Testing
  • Increasing durability - Eliminate Gear Failures, Eliminate Bearing Failures, Eliminate Synchroniser problems, ensure Accurate Duty Cycle
  • Reducing NVH, eliminate Gear Whine and Gear Rattle with our Dynamic FUSION software

Concept design validation modelled in RomaxDESIGNER


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Case study in Contra-Rotating Gearbox Design

Requirement: Customer needs to improve the efficiency of drivetrain to increase its sales.

Services provided: Romax designed a contra-rotating propeller system which could increase the efficiency by 15~20% by 2020. Throughout this project we provided feasibility studies for parallel, planetary and perpendicular gear types, concept design selection and detail designing along with technical support for the manufacturing, testing, certification support and CMS development.



Requirement: customer develops new planetary gear system for marine application, and wants to check maximum capacity of developed gearbox whilst improving design.

Services provided: Using our software, RomaxDESIGNER, Romax was able to produce a model of the planetary gear system based on component drawings provided by the customer and successfully calculate the component loads.

Case Study in Concept Design Validation 

Case study in Dynamic Propulsion System Modelling

Requirement: To look at gearbox whine noise and gearbox optimization

Services Provided: Romax used its software Dynamic Fusion to create NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) analysis and predict gearbox noise, whilst looking to optimize the gear design and bearing modification to meet customer targets. We calculated the system modes and critical frequencies, and undertook a system durability assessment to achieve our customer's objectives.