Perfect for testing multiple gearbox, transmission and driveline designs at an early stage

Be empowered to make informed decisions earlier, and be confident in the selected design. Streamline the development process by integrating CONCEPT with other programs to save time, cost and reduce errors.


Create layouts in seconds


All major transmission types covered


Make informed decisions earlier


Links to all major CAD packages

[CONCEPT] helps decrease development time and minimise design failure. Through a smaller development cycle we can make products more robust at an earlier stage... The process is simple and easy to show. Without CONCEPT, this would be impossible.

- Hyundai WIA

We have used CONCEPT at Allison Transmission Inc. for several years. It has proven to be a very beneficial tool for concept selection and verification.

- Allison Transmission Inc


Easy to use, drag and drop modelling interface, for quick assessment of many design options.

Modelling Templates

Built-in model templates allow inexperienced engineers to investigate existing designs. 


Comprehensive design and analysis tools for spur helical and planetary gears. 


Intelligent bearing selection tool for early specification; accurate bearing load prediction for early housing design.

Component Sizing

Comprehensive sizing for gears, bearings and clutches, with built-in databases from leading suppliers.

Vehicle Performance Simulation

Analyse the whole vehicle, including fuel consumption.


Early stage assessment of vibration performance.


Analyse component and system efficiency and power losses, using a specified standard and lubricant.

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Romax Concept

CONCEPT - An easy to use, drag-and-drop interface means engineers and designers can assess many different design options quickly and efficiently. To get an overview of our design software package including key new features and capabilities:


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Concept flyer


The three-year ODIN project aims to develop a compact and cost effective powertrain for electric vehicles (EVs). Romax technical consulting services, CONCEPT andRomaxDESIGNER software tools help to speed development towards an optimal solution - a 50% cost reduction and a 2% improvement in overall efficiency was achieved.

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How to create detailed models in seconds and transfer them from CONCEPT to RomaxDESIGNER, CAD FUSION and Dynamic FUSION


CONCEPT models

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