R17 Bearing analysis - for detailed insight

Leveraging new advancements for in-depth bearing analysis building on renowned core technology

Roller rib contact model 

A more detailed way to simulate the effect of variable roller rib contact height, for more accurate bearing results and improved understanding of bearing performance.


  • Analyse the variable contact height between bearing rollers and ribs due to bearing rollers tilting in cylindrical and taper roller bearings
  • Increased accuracy of the reported roller rib contact loads, and more accurate bearing life results
  • New results include:
    • Rib load distribution against circumferential position plot
    • Roller to rib contact load table
    • New lines in the contact stress table for the maximum rib to roller contact stress
    • Maximum rib contact stress plot
    • Roller to rib maximum contact table showing maximum contact stress at each different position and contact ellipse truncation at rib edge and roller edge

Advanced roller contact model

Rapid and accurate prediction of bearing roller contact and edge stresses, for correct assessment of bearing performance within a full system, when operating under extreme misalignment or high loads.


  • A new roller contact analysis model which accurately predicts bearing roller edge stress
  • Orders of magnitude quicker than Finite Element Analysis methods
  • Produces precise predictions of the stress magnitude and considers yield behavior
  • Edge stresses included in advanced ISO/TS16281 life prediction calculation
  • Works for all taper and cylindrical rolling element bearings
  • Compatible with encrypted proprietary bearing catalogue to allow advanced analysis whilst protecting bearing manufacturer intellectual property 

Journal bearings 

New hydrodynamic models allow the prediction of journal bearing behaviour, within a full system RomaxDESIGNER model. 


  • Predict journal bearing behaviour and its influence on system behaviour
  • Design and optimise basic geometry and detailed features of journal bearings across a wide range of operating conditions
  • Multi-fidelity modelling options available
    • A basic analytical model (SLBA*) allowing simple rigid plain bearings to be modelled
    • An optional advanced numerical model (RHD**) includes the effects of oil supply holes and grooves

*SLBA - Short and long bearing approximation

**RHD - Rigid hydrodynamics

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