More than one million gearboxes produced each year with Romax supported designs

The most complete product simulation platform for end-to-end integrated whole-system design and analysis.

Make Reductions

Cut design time by 60% and reduce analysis time by over 80%

Total Solution

NVH, efficiency and durability simulation and analysis

One System

Considers all component misalignments and interactions

 Full Integration

We embed, integrate and interface with your existing software tools

World-leading design software for mechanical and electro-mechanical drivelines across industries including automotive, wind, off-highway, aerospace, marine, bearings and rail.



"We have been using RomaxDESIGNER software in all our new product development since 1997 as, together with Romax's engineering services, it helps us to speed up our development times and enables us to make improvements in areas such as NVH."

Hyundai WIA

"As a result of using RomaxDESIGNER in our most recent SKYACTIV transmissions project, we have seen substantial improvement in fuel economy."

Mazda Corporation

We saw the value of analyzing the whole system, to identify where the greatest benefits could be gained, then worked to balance efficiency, durability and NVH across the entire system.

GKN Driveline

Romax allows us to integrate rapid modelling and analysis of gears, shafts, bearings and housings within a single gearbox model to predict how components interact with each other.

Volkswagen AG

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RomaxDESIGNER Enterprise enables Meter Bearings to deliver optimized designs to their customers more quickly, using automated and integrated bearing analysis within a whole system simulation context..

Meter Bearing Case Study

Use RomaxDESIGNER to develop your designs working with other CAD and FE packages throughout your design and development process

"We have been engaged with RomaxDESIGNER for the past 2 years focusing our attention on gearbox design. Using this software, we were able to simulate various limits of gears in the form of gear pitting, gear tooth bending, and gearbox NVH etc. "
- Ashish S. Dehadrai, Head Transmission & Power Train Integration, Ashok Leyland 


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Whole System Simulation

Predict loads, deflections, misalignments and interactions between all components, including bearings, gears, shafts, housings and FE


Seamless interfaces with gear design, CAD, FEA and MBD packages to streamline your development process


Accurately analyse component life, stress, contact and fatigue


Analyse component and system efficiency to predict fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

NVH and Dynamics

Predict transmission error for gear pairs and complex planetary systems, perform gear whine and rattle analysis, and export MBD models

Optimisation and Automation

Optimise for system-level, user-defined targets for durability, efficiency and NVH, and run RomaxDESIGNER automatically through third party tools