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Hands-on solutions to analyse failures, find solutions and implement upgrades.

We don't just fix your wind turbine problems - we help you resolve them before they happen and enhance the design of your wind turbine for improved output and longer lifetime. Romax is a world leading independent designer of wind turbine gearboxes and drivetrains. We have 33 DNV GL certified designs in production ranging in capacity from 750kW to 6MW. This gives us an unparalleled understanding of the heart of wind turbines.

Our engineering and consulting services help you:



Predictive maintenance solutions

Being able to forecast the remaining useful life of wind turbine gearboxes is vital for maintenance strategies and effective financial planning.

With us you can use accurate life models to:

  • Build a long-term maintenance plan of 2 years and more
  • Improve your financial planning by finding the optimum balance between power production and operating expenses
  • Get an estimate of time to failure after fault detection
  • Receive 2-3 years advance warning for maintenance needs of components

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Failure root cause analysis

Our expert engineering team help you quickly find the root cause of your drivetrain failures. Depending on the issue, our team of expert engineers look for evidence from many sources to quickly identify the cause of failure, including:

  • Turbine inspections
  • Factory teardown
  • Oil and grease analysis
  • SCADA data analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Metallurgical analysis
  • Gear/bearing alignment, load, strength and life analysis

Once we have identified the cause of failure, we can then help you to resolve and prevent further failures from occurring.

Download our article featuring real life failure RCA examples >>

Torque and bending monitoring

Improve your wind turbine health by accurately calculating drivetrain loads.

Drivetrain loads can often be a key factor in the root cause of wind turbine failure. Our specialised equipment - which is installed in just one day - collects data from the drivetrain and transmits back to a data centre for analysis. This data provides actual loads on the machine and looks at the fatigue loading duty cycles on the following components:

  • Main shaft
  • Main bearing
  • Gearbox
  • Yaw bearing

From here we calculate the effect of loads on life. Using this data, wind farm operators are then able to increase the reliability of their turbines through accurate drivetrain loading.

Lubrication systems and particle counters

Lubrication systems play a critical part in turbine health. They help to:

  • Reduce friction and wear
  • Prevent overheating of critical parts
  • Remove sludge, carbon and varnish
  • Prevent oxidation and corrosion of metal parts

You can extend the life of your gearbox with support from us. We can:

  • Design, maintain and upgrade lubrication systems
  • Test and specify particle counters
  • Collect and analyse lubrication data for continuous condition monitoring
  • Provide a turnkey upgrade
  • Work with external suppliers and installation teams

Bespoke instrumentation and measurement

As well as offering world-class solutions for measuring drivetrain vibration, we also provide bespoke instrumentation and measurement services. Whether a custom measurement or a more routine case, we can provide the equipment, installation, data and analysis to resolve your issue.

Common projects include:

  • Strain gauging and data acquisition for planetary gear tooth load distribution
  • Design of tower strain measurement system for tower bending
  • Blade strain gauging for blade root load measurement
  • Gearbox mount motion measurement via displacement transducers
  • Gearbox housing motion via displacement transducer

Rotating machinery engineering

Do you have a specific wind drivetrain problem that you would like to solve? 

As one of the largest independent rotating machinery design firms in the world, we have worked on thousands of rotating machinery projects, including:

  • Re-engineering, upgrades and manufacturing drawings for aftermarket gearbox refurbishment
  • Redesigning a turbine pitch bearing for an out-of-production wind turbine
  • Analysing main bearing contact mechanics to increase life
  • Designing a compression band to reinforce pitch bearings
  • Developing transient dynamic drivetrain models and simulations to evaluate torque limiting component behaviour
  • Developing a procurement specification for refurbished gearboxes and auditing suppliers
  • Analysing and designing bearing bore position compensation to correct gearbox thermal expansion and deflection under load
  • Providing mechanical design and manufacturing support for a 2MW drivetrain test stand
  • Determining effect on de-rating (and uprating) on gearbox life

Talk with one of our consultants about your issue and they will work to scope a solution and provide the engineering resources to resolve it.

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 What our customers say

GCube Insurance Services Inc. logo
Working with Romax means that we can examine specific and detailed technical issues and can provide the benefit of this knowledge to the client so that they can make an informed decision. We need strong, independent technical partners that will enable us to do more of this in the future – Romax is certainly in that category.

Chris Cioni, Senior Vice President - Technical Services/Claims, GCube Insurance Services Inc.

Gearbox Express selected Romax for support on re-engineering and design improvements to a 2+MW gearbox for their Revolution platform. The gearbox is supplied to owners of one of the most common turbine models in the North American market. Romax’s predictive maintenance technology and previous successful projects for Gearbox Express supported the selection.

Gearbox Express

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Chongqing Wangjiang Industrial logo
We chose to work with Romax Technology because they have very strong technological capabilities and they have solid business experience in this field.

Mr Geng Zhiyong, General Manager, Chongqing Wangjiang Industrial Co. Ltd


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