Life modelling services

A suite of expertise, databases and simulation technology, enabling life analysis for wind turbines to support O&M strategy, turbine life extension and financial planning.

Reduce O&M costs by making well informed decisions

Predict remaining useful life and machine reliability

Improve financial planning and forecasting



What is life modelling by Romax InSight?

Life modelling by Romax InSight is a suite of expertise, databases and simulation technology that enables life analysis for wind turbines to support O&M strategy decisions, turbine life extension and financial planning.



Our technology

Predicting the future is not simple. There is no crystal ball - you need powerful engineering tools and real-world data to back up any forecast, but a good forecast is extremely valuable.

Romax InSight's technology brings together over a quarter of a century of expertise in rotating machinery - including simulation, drivetrain design, life models and failure investigation - and helps you to understand the life of your assets.




RomaxWIND is a design and simulation platform for wind turbine drivetrains. The same software that Romax used to develop 39 certified wind turbine gearbox designs is now the basis of highly accurate life models for your assets in the field.

RomaxWIND is the only engineering software to be awarded DNV GL certification for its gear and shaft calculation methods. RomaxWIND's pedigree is outstanding - being based on the RomaxDesigner software platform, used by 18 out of the top 20 automotive manufacturers globally for gearbox design and analysis.



Failure modes and failure statistics database

Computer models alone cannot tell the whole story. In reality, failure modes and root causes are extremely varied and complex - rollers wear on the end faces, bolts back out, oil degrades, bearings are ground with incorrect microgeometry, gears suffer from inclusion related early failures. All these effects need to be considered to really understand the risk of future failures.

Somewhere in the world, Romax InSight is performing a failure root cause analysis (RCA) project every week of the year. This gives us access to huge amounts of failure data and statistics - a database of information that is invaluable for building accurate failure forecasts and machine-specific predictions.

Read our white paper, 'Accurately forecasting O&M costs', to learn more about using failure statistics and the Romax InSight database to predict O&M costs for asset owners and investors: 

Predictive life models

Since 2008 when we filed our first patent application, Romax InSight has been at the forefront of predictive life models for wind turbines.

Deployed on wind farms globally, the InSight LIFE predictive models deliver lead times far in excess of vibration or inspection alone, incorporating data from a whole host of sources - including simulation, empirical and operational data:

  • RomaxWIND simulation model
  • SCADA data
  • Vibration CMS
  • Lubrication analysis
  • Maintenance records
  • Inspection
  • Measured loads



Operational data analysis

Romax InSight provides data analysis and condition monitoring services to many GW of wind turbine assets globally using Fleet Monitor software. This gives us access to a huge amount of failure data, reliability statistics and a very deep understanding of the operating life cycle of the machine.

Learn more about Fleet Monitor...