Predictive Maintenance

Tailor your wind farm maintenance strategy based on remaining useful life predictions.

Being able to forecast the remaining useful life of wind turbine gearboxes is vital for maintenance strategies and effective financial planning.

With us you can use accurate life models to:

  • Build a long-term maintenance plan of 2 years and more
  • Improve your financial planning 
  • Get an estimate of time to failure after fault detection
  • Receive 2-3 years advance warning for maintenance needs of components

We use RomaxWIND, our industry-leading CAE software, to build life models. RomaxWIND creates and analyses drivetrains and then simulates their behaviour and performance. It has been used extensively by the wind industry and in research programmes in order to optimise wind turbine design and performance.


Long term maintenance planning

Remaining useful life models of drivetrain components are used to assist with long-term (over 2 years) maintenance planning and budgeting. Our planning tool displays the consumed life of each drivetrain component alongside other operating data (maintenance records, SCADA parameters and lubrication analysis).

Long term financial planning

Our financial planning tool looks at various scenarios to find an optimum balance between power production and operating expenses.

For example it will help you determine if de-rating the turbine by 25% could prolong its useful life by 50%, or if incurring the maintenance cost of a component upgrade significantly saves cost by reducing overall drivetrain failure rate long term.

RomaxREPAIR: Time to failure analysis after fault detection

RomaxREPAIR gives a statistical estimate of the time available to repair a component after detecting a fault using vibration data. For example, once a vibration fault pattern has been detected, RomaxREPAIR will provide forecasts for the number of days that the component has until repair is required with 10%, 50% and 90% probabilities. This is an essential tool for asset and site managers to help them optimise maintenance planning.

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 What our customers say

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RomaxDESIGNER has greatly improved and accelerated preliminary development. The simulation contributes greatly to a much better understanding of the effects that occur in the system as a whole.

NTN Corporation

Looking back over the last five years working with Romax Technology, I can clearly see how Romax has developed in significantly raising the quality of the gearbox designs. Spending time and effort putting into place the correct processes to analyse and review the gearboxes allows Romax to continuously develop and become rapid in perfecting design details. This attention to detail has made them very successful in the market, as the only global company to achieve 25 gearbox design A Level certificates.

Dr Karl Steingroever, DNV GL

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Time is a critical factor for our success in wind energy and that is one of the key reasons we selected Romax. Not only for their expertise in gearbox design and drivetrain analysis but also for their ability to work effectively and quickly within our existing engineering team.

Dr Jaedoo Lee Samsung Wind Turbine Project Manager, Samsung H.I.


Reducing O&M cost with Predictive Maintenance for Infigen

Case Study

Reducing O&M cost with Predictive Maintenance for Infigen

Infigen Energy, which operates 24 wind farms across the USA and Australia, wanted to reduce O&M costs and to predict maintenance requirements using Romax's expertise.

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Field Pro

Visit our microsite to see how our mobile solution, Field Pro, redefines wind turbine services and inspections.

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Statistics on condition monitoring of 283 turbines for 3800 turbine months


Statistics on condition monitoring of 283 turbines for 3800 turbine months

An internal study of monitoring performance, this paper charts the effectiveness of condition monitoring versus
key metrics.

Download Statistics on condition monitoring of 283 turb…

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Engineering & Consulting

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Engineering & Consulting

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