Turbine Inspections

Gearbox and main bearing inspections, full scope end of warranty inspections, QAQC inspections and manufacturing facility inspections/audits, worldwide.

Romax InSight provide wind turbine inspection services including blades, gearbox, main bearings, generators, towers and foundations. We can support your end of warranty project, investigation of issues from audible noise, condition monitoring alarms, lubrication warnings or failure root cause investigation. 

High quality inspections support wind farm owners, operators, investors and insurers in asset management, quality assurance and problem resolution.

We carry out inspections in the following stages of turbine lifecycle:

  • At the factory: Ensure your assets meet required standards with our QA/QC review
  • Post-commissioning: Be sure installations are within specification
  • At end-of-warranty: Understand all potential OEM repairs or extended warranty provisions
  • On damage detection: Determine best course of action based on damage severity
  • For serial issues: Regularly inspect and monitor known issues to keep on top of problems
  • During root cause investigations: Understand the cause of failure to drive solutions and classify as wear and tear, defect or serial
  • Life extension projects: Perform the required inspections after the end of design life to support decisions and process on asset life extension

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Data-Driven Approach and End of Warranty

Our preferred approach to end of warranty inspections is data-driven.  Using our technology for turbine condition monitoring we leverage the big data in vibration, SCADA, lubrication reports, maintenance and inspection records to produce a turbine health assessment with clear recommendations on the inspection punch list.  We can determine which gearboxes, main bearings and generators are clearly damaged or most likely to be in initial stages of damage development.  Our drivetrain engineering expertise allows focus on true indications of problems as we understand and have seen all the common (and uncommon) gearbox and bearing failure modes.  Whatever CMS or SCADA system you have we can work with the data.  For turbines without CMS we can deploy our rugged portable vibration system to obtain the data required for main bearing, gearbox and generator diagnostics.

wind turbine inspections

Romax InSight data-driven approach for wind turbine inspections; Romax's team performing the largest offshore end of warranty inspection for Statkraft


We regularly perform end of warranty inspections on offshore turbines and onshore turbines by manufacturers such as Siemens, GE, Vestas, Gamesa and others. Typical scopes of supply are project management, health assessment, performance assessment, tower walkdowns, main bearing and gearbox inspections and blade inspections.  We follow through with our clients by supporting on warranty claims with engineering knowledge from our expert witness team.

For owners we provide a flexible approach and can scope works to provide the most value add from Romax InSight such as training and using your in-house technicians for part of the workscope, providing them with inspection software technology and advising on where to focus effort for certain makes and models to pick up the serial issues. 

Atlantica Yield selected Romax Technology Ltd to perform their end of warranty services at their Uruguayan Wind Farms. Atlantica Yield selected Romax’s end of warranty offering because of their unique data-driven approach, comprehensive knowledge of the Gamesa turbines and demonstrated expertise on previous drivetrain projects

Ensure your major end of warranty claims are identified and rectified and ensure a thorough punch list for issue resolution from tower base to blade tip.

QA/QC Inspections and Post Commissioning

Ensure your assets meet the required standard with our quality control and quality assurance (QA/QC) review.  As gearbox designers and leading consultants on wind turbine machinery we have the expertise to provide rigorous inspections on whole nacelles, blades, rotor hubs and pitch system, drivetrain or subcomponents: main bearing, gearbox and generator.

We regularly conduct QA/QC inspections in factories and in the field during pre-construction or commissioning.  All the data collected is stored in accessible cloud based databases with image and issue search and one click generation of punch lists for resolution of issues. 

We can support your team with the engineering expertise required to identify issues and provide the technical engagement with your OEM supplier to ensure problems are addressed and rectified.  

Avoid the cost of early failures and downtime on your project.

Serial Failure Management

It is not uncommon for wind farms to have a serial failure issue to manage, for example:

  • High speed bearing axial cracking (white etch)
  • Leaking pitch cylinders
  • Material inclusion initiated tooth cracks
  • Planet bearing failure from poor load sharing and undercapacity
  • Blade bearing failure from raceway edge loading

Romax can design a specific program of management by combining data analysis, systematic record keeping and inspection to help you manage the cost of failure

Reduce your ongoing cost due to serial failures.

Inspection On Damage Detection or Issue

When there is a vibration alarm, audible gearbox noise or lubrication analysis showing a poor sample we can deploy to locate and document the issue.  For complex drivetrains or issues below the oil line or in an unreachable location by borescope we can lead the inspection with portable vibration for fault localisation.

Our experience from monitoring 1000's of turbines on a daily basis has provided the experience to resolve your unexplained issues.

Quickly identify and rectify gearbox damage or alignment issue to reduce downtime.

Root Cause Investigation and Teardown Inspections

Our reliability engineers commence several root cause investigations each month across The Americas, Europe and Asia.  Leverage the knowledge of hundreds of past investigations to your issue. We can quickly deploy a team to site or to the factory and return with information you need on to build the case on what happened and why.

If facilities are needed to ship machinery for full disassembly we can organize a location with appropriate tooling and crane capacity.  As designers of gearboxes that regularly support gearbox production our engineers have the experience for complete disassembly.

A detailed full teardown report or focused inspection report on a particular component (such as a planetary stage or main bearing failure) will be provided along with recommendation of any further root cause investigation activity, such as metallurgical testing.

Understand the root cause of failure and obtain detailed inspection data.

Romax Engineer's completing a full teardown inspection of a GET's gearbox for a GE 1.5MW turbine


Inspection Quality and Capabilities

Our inspection engineers and technicians are trained in reliability engineering and failure modes and provide the attention to detail required for peace of mind on job quality.

We use top of the line borescope (endoscope) and camera guiding techniques to obtain sharp and well lit images in hard to reach places in the gearbox.

Contact us for training for your onsite teams on failure modes and inspection techniques.  We share our knowledge.

Example inspection photos from various models of wind turbine gearbox


Our mobile service and inspection software, Field Pro, is used by our staff and customers to perform inspections with a cloud solution for data management and quality.  Multiple staff can work on a single turbine from one checklist and automatically synch the images and other data into an automatically generated report.  Our reliability engineers review reports and ensure that consistency and quality is achieved across multiple teams and large projects.

This technology reduces the cost of inspections and increases quality.

Read more about Field Pro here >>

Our routine inspection capabilities include:

  • Gearbox inspections
  • Main bearing inspections
  • Blade inspections
  • Rotor hub assembly inspections
  • Generator inspections
  • Tower walkdowns
  • Gear manufacturing facility quality inspection/audits
  • Bearing manufacturing facility quality inspection/audits
  • Gearbox and drivetrain assembly facility quality inspections/audits

We are available to work across the globe and regularly deploy to The Americas, Europe, Asia and Latin America from our regional offices.

Additional inspection and measurement capabilities include:

  • Portable vibration measurement
  • Shaft torque and bending moment measurement
  • Gearbox motion measurement
  • Shaft orbits
  • Gear tooth loaded contact distribution
  • Main bearing grease sampling
  • Gearbox / yaw drive oil sampling
  • Online lubricant contamination measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Drivetrain alignment measurement
  • Power quality readings
  • Machined surface flatness
  • Non-destructive testing such as magnetic particle

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What our customers say

edf renewable energy
Instead of arbitrarily checking machines, we can now target machines that have performed badly in inspection results. We know in advance which machines are going to require maintenance, and can target those particular offenders and confidently enter into warranty claims - supported by the Romax results.....With the planet bearing damage that we identified in our joint campaign, we supported a warranty claim of US$600,000 – a return on investment in the region of 20:1. The ability to know which turbines to target means we have a much better process in place for managing inspections and maintenance.

Mike Cookson, Mechanical Drives Engineer, EDF Renewable Services

Romax delivered a year’s worth of inspections in 3 months despite the challenging weather conditions.

Jason Halsey, Plant Manager at Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm, Statkraft

I selected Romax because I felt very confident that they could do the job best. They clearly had expertise and a knowledge base head and shoulders above other potential suppliers. Another major plus was their level of communication, openness, willingness to collaborate and enthusiasm to drill down to the root cause of any problems. Romax has done a lot on its own dime to show to us that they can add value.

James Snelson, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Infigen Energy


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