Turbine Monitoring Service

Monitor turbine performance and condition, schedule timely O&M services and avoid costly failures.

Using data to predict potential faults and schedule timely repairs allows you to avoid costly catastrophic equipment failure. It can also remove any uncertainties during warranty negotiations between owners and OEMs.

We monitor and analyse data on a daily basis for our clients, detect turbine faults early, and make tailored recommendations for maintenance and repair.

We offer bespoke services depending on your needs, including:

  • Cloud based solutions for hardware independent monitoring
  • Technology transfer to build your in-house monitoring capability
  • Daily monitoring services
  • One off vibration and SCADA performance and health assessment
  • Turbine inspections for damage confirmation
  • Time to failure estimation after initial damage
  • In-warranty and out-of-warranty services


What we monitor

We predict your maintenance needs by monitoring and analysing the following data:

Vibration data

Vibration data, collected by CMS systems fixed to multiple sensors across the drivetrain of the turbine, gives us lead times on potential failures typically between 3-18 months.

CMS data

Any CMS system providing raw time-series data will be suitable for effective fault detection after processing with Romax's algorithms into health indexes.

Portable vibration (PVS) data

When fixed CMS systems are not an option, our portable vibration monitoring hardware offers you an effective, low cost predictive maintenance solution.

SCADA data

SCADA data includes temperature, pressure, wind speed, power and alarm information. Our algorithms allow us to visualise results and health status and prompt the necessary information, e.g. correct yaw error, inspect main bearing for raceway pitting etc.

Lubrication data

By combining lubrication data with vibration and SCADA data, we can enhance diagnosis and monitor lubricant health.

All data is sent to Fleet Monitor - our cloud based solution that can connect to any CMS system. This enables large fleets with multiple CMS types to be monitored more efficiently on a single screen with a single set of data.

Romax InSight Monitoring Services brochure (pdf) >>

Drivetrain Health Assessments with Romax Portable Vibration Units (pdf) >>

Warranty services

Under warranty

Wind farms that are transitioning out of warranty require a robust strategy for future out-of-warranty operations. To gather data and build an understanding of turbines, many operators choose to monitor sites in parallel with their OEM - and many engage Romax to perform this in-warranty monitoring.

As an independent company, we offer a non-biased view on the health of your wind turbines, enable a seamless transition to post-warranty monitoring, and ensure you have all the information you need before the end of warranty handover.  

Out of warranty

For sites out of warranty, we provide a high level monitoring service and also provide additional services such as detailed inspections, grease flushing, repair of CMS hardware and a detailed RCA of failed components. We can also provide the tools and technology to help you monitor in-house.

Read our Statkraft case study as an example of how we help our clients transition out of warranty>>

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 What our customers say

EDF Renewable Energy logo
We chose Romax because of its software expertise and impressive technologies. Romax seemed the obvious choice because of its vast experience in condition monitoring and extensive array of current projects.

Mike Cookson, Mechanical Drives Engineer, EDF Renewable Services

The combination of the condition monitoring service and the engineering framework agreement will put us in a strong position to address issues as they arise when we leave warranty.

Bruce Turner, Offshore Wind Engineering Manager, SSE

SSE logo
Statkraft logo
Romax utilised its proprietary health assessment process to analyse vibration and SCADA data in order to prioritise turbines, identify potential problem areas ahead of inspections and assist in the planning process.

Jason Halsey, Plant Manager at Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm, Statkraft


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