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Advanced Bearing Analysis, Truncation, and Edge Stress Analysis using Romax Spin

Time: 2:00 - 4:00pm IST / 9:30 - 11:30am BST

Location: Online Workshop

Bearing design and rating can be basic or advanced. Whilst basic analysis doesn’t consider all the design parameters, advanced analysis considers all the parameters, and the results are therefore more accurate, realistic, and comparable with physical testing.

When under extreme misalignment or high load conditions, the edge of a bearing roller can come into contact with the raceway, resulting in very high edge stresses. Simulating and analysing this high stress in a reliable and accurate manner has been challenging but can be very important for the correct assessment of the performance of a bearing within a system.

In this workshop you will learn the important parameters of advanced bearing analysis and how the advanced analysis results are used for improved bearing design (bearing macro and micro geometry).

In this workshop we will also discuss how to perform enhanced bearing contact analysis (to view bearing geometry, profile plot, Curating, define analysis settings and analyse the bearing and yield analysis) 


In this workshop we will cover the following:

  • Parameters considered in advanced bearing analysis
  • Advanced bearing analysis settings and results in Romax Spin
  • Basics of bearing truncation and edge stresses
  • ISO TS 16281 – Advanced bearing analysis rating standard
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