Advanced Powertrain Simulation CFD – Romax-Altair Solutions Seminar


Location: Altair Engineering, 1820 E Big Beaver Rd , Troy MI, 48083.

Seminar on Advanced Powertrain Simulation CFD: Optimizing Oil Supply, Efficiency, and Thermal Solutions to Improve ICE & EV Vehicle Performance

Altair and Romax are two companies who have been working tirelessly for more than 3 decades to deliver the best value that can arise from simulation. We do not aim to sell software, we aim to sell better engineering decisions. This workshop will focus on how advanced efficiency, thermal and oil flow simulations can be applied to the simulation and optimization of ICE and EV drivetrains and Emotor cooling.

Combining these engineering criteria – maximizing range efficiency, having good oil supply and cooling of the e-motor/transmission combination is difficult at best.  In that context, design choices regarding gears, bearings and ways to efficiently distribute oil and cool critical areas are of paramount importance.

The cumulative global fleet of ICE and EV vehicles will increase in the coming years creating the need for new, innovative technologies and designs which will have optimized fuel and battery consumption respectively, Building greener technologies for the automotive industry creates multiple challenges that need to be addressed by deploying simulation driven design backed by accurate experiments. Engineering challenges accompanying these high-level targets are numerous, but the most prominent set of technical problems when dealing with transmission systems is in the area of thermal management, gear transmission efficiency and bearing selection.

The goal of this seminar is to help engineers understand the major pitfalls in the design process and provide insights to state-of-the-art methodologies to tackle the above challenges. We provide insights to the essential design calculations and share our years of experience with you, along with case studies showing quantified improvements confirmed by testing. A number of different approaches are described, including CFD, gear design, bearing design and selection and oil selection, with the aim of maximizing efficiency and ensuring adequate lubrication of critical components and cooling of the powertrain components.

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