Bevel Contact Analysis Considering System Effects


Location: 2800 Livernois Road, 250, Troy , MI, 48083.

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{f1}Time;;;{f1} Session;nn;
{f1}9:00-9:30;;;Welcome and Introduction;nn;
{f1}9:30-10:00;;;Modeling bevel gearsets in CONCEPT, RomaxDESIGNER;nn;
{f1}10:00-10:20;;;COFFEE BREAK;nn;
{f1}10:20-12:05;;;Passing system misalignment to Gleason GEMS

Demonstration of Bevel Gear Optimization in Gleason GEMS ;nn;
{f1}12:05-12:50;;;LUNCH BREAK;nn;
{f1}12:50-14:00;;;Importing GEMS optimized geometry and Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis results into RomaxDESIGNER;nn;
{f1}14:00-14:20;;;COFFEE BREAK;nn;
{f1}14:20-15:30;;;Open Discussion ;nn;

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