CAE-led design of electrical machines within an eDrive development – Osaka


Location: Shin-Osaka Business Center

Electrical machine technology is evolving rapidly, and so are we.

With the drive for electrification in automotive and other industries, electrical machine designers are faced with increased pressure to achieve higher torque densities and higher speeds. Engineers need reliable tools not only to conduct electromagnetic analysis of the motor, but also to perform thermal, structural, and NVH analysis.

This workshop will present the design of an electrical machine in the context of a drivetrain development, and show how state of the art tools can be integrated into your process to further enhance your capabilities.


In this workshop we will cover the following topics:

  • Initial electromagnetic and thermal design of a traction motor using Motor-CAD
  • Structural design and analysis using Romax Evolve
  • Drivetrain design using Romax Concept
  • NVH analysis of an electrified driveline using JMAG and Romax software


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